This is Lucero. He is now 10 years young. After I had paid the owner, he advised me the horse was very tender mouthed. He arrived with a bitted MOUTH, in the back of a truck. I never replaced it in his mouth.

Instead used a halter. Lucero was afraid of everything! Plastic bags, people, bridges, noise. Also, anything that resembled or was water! Oh, cows as well, which free graze on the side of roads in my community, on any road here that has grass alongside it! Needless to say, it took many many months to progress to being my trustworthy loving pal. Lucero roams free all day, stabled at night, greets me verbally. I love him for I treasure his trust.

The owner saw us riding one day, he stopped and I saw he was shocked. The question he asked was, ”How did you change him? Sold him because no one could calm him down. He was so stubborn and unmanageable”! Then he did the unthinkable, He offered to buy him back at 3 times the price. You all know what the answer was……Julie Hoffman

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