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    It feels incredible to be able to ride almost endlessly throughout the country via horseback. I feel as if I am living in a time that has long passed in the Wild West. It is a feeling of freedom. Of noticing the things I would not see in the city or highways here. So many […]

  • Lazy Sunday

    Here in the mountains, this morning it appeared to be continuing for the rest of the day. The rains started up a bit, then stopped. The horses were confined in their stalls., munching their cut grass. I was disappointed at the prospect of not riding today. Now I look to see the sun peering at […]


  • Dangers Of HEAT

    I used to like the Coastal Beaches, walking around the towns. Now even when enter or exit the airport in Managua, Nicaragua, that blast of Heat combined with humidity is not acceptable to my body, anymore. Having researched the effects of warm weather, it does affect Seniors differently. Seniors may become more susceptible to Heatstroke, […]

  • Living in Altitude

    My wife Chilo and I have found that living at 650 meters in elevation works well for us. It is cool and we don’t have to fight the heat. We just use one fan to keep the mosquitos off us at night. I had a job in San Marcos, so it didn’t make sense to […]


    This is Lucero. He is now 10 years young. After I had paid the owner, he advised me the horse was very tender mouthed. He arrived with a bitted MOUTH, in the back of a truck. I never replaced it in his mouth. Instead used a halter. Lucero was afraid of everything! Plastic bags, people, […]


    Barbara, I want to tell you, that as long as one is retired, they are welcome here, as this is structured as a retirement RESORT COMMUNITY. I have an alternative email address as well.


    I am excited to share this farm with others. For years I have been surrounded by construction workers, architects, etc. Now only the handyman and some others. I have had some nice guests here, some I wish had stayed. I realize I do need people around. People I can associate with. I have never had […]

  • Saturday

    Taking today to relax, walk around the farm, take a look at the Red Beans. We put up some scarecrows the other day: Birds will not be picking on them. Notice the coffee beans appeared. They are green now. When they are ready to pick, they will become a brilliant bright red! Really pretty. This […]


    Truly had my head in the clouds yesterday! It was drizzling, the clouds low. I was on my steady horse Luna. I wore a long raincoat that also covered Luna,s back. He seemed excited, going up the mountain, passing beautiful red flower vines. I had to duck on some parts of the trail to miss […]