Nicaragua Retirement Dream


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I am here as it is Impossible to live in my country, USA, and Canada on SSI and have a high-quality Life of Retirement without draining my Savings. Live in Low stress, Organic environment in a Natural Organic Land of Beautiful People, always Ready to Give A Smile. 

Visualize Yourself

In the Beautiful Tranquil Nature setting in the FRESH, COOLER

Nicaragua Mountains in an Expat Retired Brand new Community

Fresh Clean Air

Years ago, the family ties to the eldest members of the Family, were strong. It is different today. It is a very busy whirlwind stressful life...We have to make plans to be independent now. But not alone. Join us in our Community!

This is why

I am Here as it is Impossible to live USA and Canada. With SSI I would not have a high quality Life of Retirement: draining my Savings... Enjoying a Non-stress Organic environment, Land of Beautiful smiling People. No smog, no traffic one bill to pay, no worries. This lead me to a Healthy Worry Free Retirement. I well spent my Savings, creating a Space and a Dream to Share with Others. Join us Here! Keep your Savings!

Bringing you a Community

Your Dreams Can Come True!


Located in the mountains 15 km North of Matagalpa in La Grecia in Yasica Sur.

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