It feels incredible to be able to ride almost endlessly throughout the country via horseback. I feel as if I am living in a time that has long passed in the Wild West.

It is a feeling of freedom. Of noticing the things I would not see in the city or highways here. So many different flowers, birds, perhaps a sloth trudging by. I may hear the howler monkeys, as I pass by, warning the others of our approach.

I look back and feel relieved at my decision to visit and live here. What a life it is. I FEEL REBORN, YOUNGER TOO. I don,t really miss anything from my past life, except family and good friends.

Lazy Sunday

Here in the mountains, this morning it appeared to be continuing for the rest of the day. The rains started up a bit, then stopped.

The horses were confined in their stalls., munching their cut grass. I was disappointed at the prospect of not riding today. Now I look to see the sun peering at me.

I better go saddle up to take my ride. The weather goes from hard rain, even thunder, then after a short time, it,s like it,s been sunny all day.

Dangers Of HEAT

I used to like the Coastal Beaches, walking around the towns. Now even when enter or exit the airport in Managua, Nicaragua, that blast of Heat combined with humidity is not acceptable to my body, anymore.

Having researched the effects of warm weather, it does affect Seniors differently. Seniors may become more susceptible to Heatstroke, Dizziness, High Blood Pressure, etc.

When living in Las Vegas, the dizzy spells became more and more frequent. As most realize, Las Vegas is a hot desert. The dizzy spells slowed down when I moved to Matagalpa, considerably. The move to the farm completely eliminated them, except very rarely on my higher elevation, fresh aired, farm.


This is Lucero. He is now 10 years young. After I had paid the owner, he advised me the horse was very tender mouthed. He arrived with a bitted MOUTH, in the back of a truck. I never replaced it in his mouth.

Instead used a halter. Lucero was afraid of everything! Plastic bags, people, bridges, noise. Also, anything that resembled or was water! Oh, cows as well, which free graze on the side of roads in my community, on any road here that has grass alongside it! Needless to say, it took many many months to progress to being my trustworthy loving pal. Lucero roams free all day, stabled at night, greets me verbally. I love him for I treasure his trust.

The owner saw us riding one day, he stopped and I saw he was shocked. The question he asked was, ”How did you change him? Sold him because no one could calm him down. He was so stubborn and unmanageable”! Then he did the unthinkable, He offered to buy him back at 3 times the price. You all know what the answer was……Julie Hoffman

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\I he first arrived


Barbara, I want to tell you, that as long as one is retired, they are welcome here, as this is structured as a retirement RESORT COMMUNITY. I have an alternative email address as well.

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Santa Emilia Waterfall

Today I,m celebrating the creation of this Website! For years I have dreamed of having my own. I have a lot to learn, hopefully, it won,t take me long! A lot of time and effort has led me to this point. I am finally where I NEED TO BE! Excited to meet new people, show them why my love for Nicaragua runs so deep in my heart. I WISH to share my Dream with other good people to enjoy and build good memories, many of them together!

Room !

A Bedroom review

 I came down last May. A year later I met Julie Hoffman. Visited per amazing, sharing her dream, purchasing a lot, in 2-3 yrs I’ll have my little home.

The room has a cloud mattress w Egyptian sheets & netting. Frogs serenading!

The community room has 4 bedrooms w BRs. Plus a large area w sofa rocking chairs & fireplace. Lots of windows to see the horses & property of coffee beans, banana trees.

Happy Room with a View

room 1
Accommodation Patio Entry

I spent 6 days at Julie’s beautiful property. Six plus acres (manzanas?) Julie is an excellent host. Well – thought out landscaping. Wherever u look gorgeous flowers, pathways, variety of trees, horses grazing outside ur window.

I stayed in the hotel

My room was so pretty. Hot shower. The BR walls had small stones inlaid into the cement and then glazed over enhancing the colors of each stone. Eye-candy!

We rode her horses down the road, then thru the jungle where I saw the mountains & valleys of this fine country.on the way to Blanca Cascadia.

We tied up our ponies. Ate a great lunch, then hopped on again for the ride home. About 4 hrs of pure joy.

At the farm all kinds of chickens, a pond w a variety of croaking frogs and big birds soaring overhead below the misty clouds. Mountains forever. Quite breathtaking!

Down the road is a little pubacita in a lush garden setting w many flowers.

Called a beer garden in US! A clinic is being built up the hill from there.

I choose a puppy to bring home w me to add to my puppy, Paco, I got before my visit. Named him Archie


Located in the mountains 15 km North of Matagalpa in La Grecia in Yasica Sur.

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