The Land & The Rooms

This place is full of nature
And you can own a piece of it!


Spacious, Airy, Lots of light, Clean and comfortable.


Choose your own, Choose your size, Choose your own view


Housekeeping, Laundry, Meals, Personal Gardener, Activities

Stop working and live life to the fullest

Join our community to experience a healthy stress-free environment. We offer activities and tours in the cool mountain air! Our community will consist of retirees just like you. In this way, you can save your savings for your generation or other loved ones.

Make new friends

Enjoy new places

Start looking forward to a healthy happy lifestyle in a community shared environment


Based upon approval

Please apply via email at

Apply nowGet in touch!


The guidelines and the features that come along with residency

Land for sale

Come out to have a one on one experience in the land of dreams. See this place for yourself, come for your health and well being.

Build a home

Lots are available to buy. Lots are available to build on. Your home will be protected and can be passed on.

Space to roam

The area here is vast and you can make yourself A space where ever you wish to create

Club House


The beds are very comfortable, lots of light with huge windows and skylights.
This gives you the feeling of being outdoors, in side the walls are covered with river rock!
Each Suite leads to a lovely covered patio with hammocks.
This is a great area to listen to the birds singing, the butterflies sailing by and see the views wherever your eyes focus on.

Get to Gether

As a group we can all get to know one another.
Energizing eachother to go out and explore!
Lots of activites to find.
Great adventures to be found!


Long Term

Space as you bulid

Enjoying the days.
Horses grazing..
Looking apon the mountains.
Our rooms are spacious and comfortable.
Hot water is a must, and bright light is here!
Let go of time and create your space how ever you wish,
Together we make the heart of this land, together we create our comunity.



Located in the mountains 15 km North of Matagalpa in La Grecia in Yasica Sur.

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