I am excited to share this farm with others. For years I have been surrounded by construction workers, architects, etc. Now only the handyman and some others. I have had some nice guests here, some I wish had stayed. I realize I do need people around. People I can associate with. I have never had guests here who did not enjoy being here. I know soon others will join me here, some Residents, Some Owners of my Dream Lifestyle. All the hard work was worth it! Looking forward to meeting you All!


Taking today to relax, walk around the farm, take a look at the Red Beans. We put up some scarecrows the other day: Birds will not be picking on them. Notice the coffee beans appeared. They are green now. When they are ready to pick, they will become a brilliant bright red! Really pretty. This year will be planting another 300 or so plants. It takes 3 years for plants to start producing. The rows of banana plants just planted are looking good. After my walk, relaxing today after the ride yesterday. Wonder if the sun will appear. One thing I love is the rainy season. The air is so fresh and clean, New plants turn up everywhere, seeds brought by the many breezes we have here!


Truly had my head in the clouds yesterday! It was drizzling, the clouds low. I was on my steady horse Luna. I wore a long raincoat that also covered Luna,s back. He seemed excited, going up the mountain, passing beautiful red flower vines. I had to duck on some parts of the trail to miss the branches. It was for just a short while. Rode to a favorite Nica family I know in the city of San Ramon, an hour and a half ride with breathtaking scenery riding in a higher elevation, riding through mud and puddles. It took a 3 hour ride. During the stop in San Ramon, I ate and took a nap. Some rides, you Don,t forget. This was one of them!


Ubicado en las montañas a 15 km al norte de Matagalpa en La Grecia en Yasica Sur.

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