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  • Retirement your way

    Retirement your way

    The American Dream: Retiring in La Grecia, Nicaragua For many Americans, the dream is to retire to a beautiful, exotic location where they can enjoy the rest of their days in peace and comfort. For some, that dream has become a reality in the small town of La Grecia in Nicaragua. Situated in a stunning […]

  • Let it go

    Let it go

    Build MemoriesDe-Stress Here for a few daysA Weekor A Month?+505 5776 9528 What’s App Looking to escape the cold this winter? Then look no further than this idyllic paradise, where you can surround yourself with nature. All-inclusive options are available, or you can share a kitchen with the Canadian senior owners. Perfect for any golden […]

  • Live in the mountains

    Live in the mountains

    I feel very fortunate to live in the Mountains. The Beach City is often written about in popular magazines for their water problems during long periods of time. I put in Solar panels but still haven’t had a shut off in 2 weeks. Even though we had rainy, windy weather during the past Hurricane season. […]

  • Food an slides

    Food an slides

    A place with protection and safety.

  • A look around

    A look around

    Extended Trailer Things you will see around the area. From the views to the spaces. Come and be the parts that are missing.

  • Water on the mountain

    Water on the mountain

    I went to San Ramon yesterday and was gifted some plants. I had a bucket and went to fill it up with water for the plants, but was told that the water had been shut off. I managed to get a few drops of water into the bucket for the plant cuttings. It was raining, […]


    I am excited to share this farm with others. For years I have been surrounded by construction workers, architects, etc. Now only the handyman and some others. I have had some nice guests here, some I wish had stayed. I realize I do need people around. People I can associate with. I have never had […]

  • Saturday

    Taking today to relax, walk around the farm, take a look at the Red Beans. We put up some scarecrows the other day: Birds will not be picking on them. Notice the coffee beans appeared. They are green now. When they are ready to pick, they will become a brilliant bright red! Really pretty. This […]


    Truly had my head in the clouds yesterday! It was drizzling, the clouds low. I was on my steady horse Luna. I wore a long raincoat that also covered Luna,s back. He seemed excited, going up the mountain, passing beautiful red flower vines. I had to duck on some parts of the trail to miss […]

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